Sexual Transmitted Diseases

10 FYIs on STIs: Everything you ever (and never) wanted to know

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Man in library

Independent studies: Getting support along the way

Rate this article and enter to winDo you feel like a satellite adrift in space? Has your closest companion become a pipette or do you barely remember your school logo until you log into...
4 reasons to prioritize laughter

4 reasons to prioritize laughter

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woman choosing food

Advertising agendas: How food is marketed

Learning the ins and outs of food marketing can help you distinguish between truly healthy products and overblown claims. Here are some things to know: “Natural” just means no artificial flavors or colors. These foods may...
Woman holding her hand in front of her mouth

Curing foot-in-mouth disease: Social do’s and dont’s

Rate this article and enter to winPeople: we’re surrounded by them, interact with them, and need them. But sometimes mingling can be a challenging experience! The good news is that the skills necessary can...
A happy couple

Raise your STI-Q

Which sexually transmitted infection (STI) is making a comeback?What’s up?Syphilis rates. They’ve nearly doubled since 2005, and approached 17,000 new cases in 2013, says the CDC.In whom?Men (90 percent of cases)—especially men who have...
Man waking up

Stop hitting snooze: How to make the most of your morning

Rate this article and enter to winIn a recent Student Health 101 survey, nearly 40 percent of respondents said they’re naturally “night owls.” At the same time, over 80 percent noted having responsibilities at...
man looking depressed

Coping with homesickness

Rate this article and enter to winIt’s not unusual for new students to miss home-family, friends, teachers, and even pets. It’s natural to long for face-to-face time with people who know you well and...
Man looking at himself in mirror

Boost your body confidence: Strategies to improve your self-image

Rate this article and enter to winDeveloping an awareness of your body and caring for it with regular physical activity, nutritious food, and enough sleep can help you stay healthy. But all adults, regardless...
woman looking off in the distance

23 things students wish they’d known sooner

Rate this article and enter to winSeek support & use it1. “Before you start school, set up your support system, e.g. who’s going to babysit or give you rides.”—First-year student, College of the Desert, California 2. “You...